Dear students and teachers,

We look forward to being able to greet you in person. Nonetheless, in order to continue dancing together, we also need to keep to rules and restrictions designed to fight the Corona pandemic. Therefore we kindly ask you to observe the following general rules:

  • Please stay at home if you have any symptoms of illness (eg coughing, fever, snuffles)
  • Please stay at home if you have had contact with any person tested positive for Coronavirus within the last 14 days
  • Please keep a minimum distance of 1,50 m to all other persons throughout the entire premises of the school and all entrances/exits.
  • You must wear an FFP2 mask throughout the entire premises of the school and all entrances/exits (excluding children under 6). The masks can be removed during the lessons to the extent that the minimum distance of 1,50 m can be maintained
  • Please disinfect your hands when you enter and leave the school (there is plenty of disinfectant available)
  • Please arrive already dressed to dance so that you can avoid using the changing and bathrooms as much as possible
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your lesson starts and wait for the trainer to usher you in (you should already be following the minimum distance and mask rules at this time)
  • Hanging around in the school is not allowed at the moment


And the following additional rules during the lessons:

  • Keep within the marks on the floor that denote a minimum distance of 4m² per student
  • No touch corrections
    The lessons last 55 minutes so that there is enough time to air the room between sessions
  • Missed lessons cannot at the moment be caught up by attending a different class. This is to keep the number of possible infection chains as low as possible. We appreciate your understanding.
  • After every lesson our trainers thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, including ballet bars and doorknobs